Pastoral Prayer for Reformation Sunday*

Spirit of God, tender breath, strong powerful wind,
come and renew our lives.

Spirit of God, blow into our lives and into our church
and sweep away all that is wrong and all that is false.

Spirit of God, enter into us and give us insight
as to what we should change and where we should start fresh.

Spirit of God, enlighten us, that we can see clearly
where our light is and where our darkness.

Spirit of God, rekindle us that your fire may burn in us once again,
and that we may be the spark for renewal in the world.

Spirit of God, give us good counsel, that we may recognize
what we should do and what we should refrain from doing.

Spirit of God, drive us on
that we that we might feel a new sense of urgency.

Spirit of God, shelter us under your wings
that we might dare to dream,
and dream of participating in Christ’s struggle on behalf of the world;
for we pray not only in his Name, but as he taught us...

*Reformierte Liturgie: Gebete und Ordnungen für die unter dem Wort versammelte Gemeinde (Wuppertal 1999) trans SG