Mischief Returns

Their mischief returns upon their own heads, and on their own heads their violence descends.
—Psalm 7:16

Karma is a relatively common theme in the Bible, exemplified by Psalm 7. The psalmist takes refuge in God, but from what? From the violent who would do her or him harm. Those who take refuge in God can expect safety, but the arrogant who would do anything to get ahead will meet the same end that they have meted out to others.

It's easy to blame others for my predicament, of course, but it's harder to see that sometimes I'm the one who gets ahead at another's expense. That's why I need not only to count my blessings, but also to think about where that blessing came from, whom besides God I should thank, and what it might have cost another person or group of people to provide something that makes my life better or easier.

As I count my blessings, O God, help me to be thankful for the hands and the lives of those who make my life easier. Help me to work for a more just society where the labor of the poor is appreciated as much as wealth, and where all are rewarded for their work. Amen.