Iranian Christians

Loudly proclaiming their Christianity, so-called Evangelicals even more loudly proclaim their support for the current administration, going so far as to say that Trump's affair with a porn star while his (third) wife was pregnant and his admissions of sexual assault do nothing to diminish their belief that he is God's choice for president. 

Yet, as surprising as their disregard for Trump's predatory sexual behavior is, even more shocking is their support of his policies that are so clearly in opposition to biblical justice. Case in point: Can any Christian imagine a more difficult place to practice her or his faith than in the Islamic Republic of Iran? And yet Iranian Christians, who during the Obama administration received asylum in the United States, are now stranded in Europe. The U.S. refuses to grant them asylum, despite the fact most of them have family already here.

It is time for Christians who support Trump to repent of their hypocrisy. And lacking that, for real Christians to name the brood of vipers that is masquerading as part of the flock of Christ.