Tears in a Bottle

You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your record?
Ps 56:8

People are uncomfortable with pain. The average person will attempt to minister to those who are experiencing it at the moment—though some are better than others—but few want to relive it with you... unless they're being paid to listen to your problems. And so most of us, when pain is past, keep the memories of it to ourselves. But God remembers with us, and just as we haven't forgotten the sleepless nights and the tears shed, neither has God. Both our best times and our worst are alive in the One who created us, who gave us emotions, and who makes us not pain-free, but whole: for there is no such thing as wholeness for a person who denies the difficulties of life.

The hairs on my head are numbered, and every tear I've ever shed is recorded by you, O God. Heal my memories, my relationships, and my brokenness, for I pray to you, the God of life, in the Name of the One who came that I may have abundant life. Amen.