The Shadow of the Firefly

The Shadow of the Firefly by Jeff Shannon (Pennsauken NJ: Bookbaby, 2018) is written in the first person as a story told by a young girl. But Maggie Schoop's memoir is also the memoir of a small, close-knit community. Anybody who has fond childhood memories will enjoy playing baseball with Maggie and her friends (I'd forgotten all about ghost-runners!), making the rounds with her to sell Girl Scout cookies, visiting her grandfather, and going trick-or-treating with her on Hallowe'en. But through it all there's something ominous nearby, and the reader truly doesn't know until the climax whether this presence is benevolent, benign, or sinister. It's worth reading Firefly just to find out... and the answer is going to surprise you. 

I read the paperback edition, but this book is also available on Kindle Unlimited. Shadow rolls a strong ⚅.