Schicksalstag der Deutschen

At the moment of this post's publication, it's midnight in Berlin on the day Germans refer to as their Day of Fate. Among the many momentous events in German history that occurred on November 9:
  • The abdication of the last Kaiser (1918)
  • The Beer Hall Putsch (1923)
  • Kristallnacht (1938)
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)
To commemorate this day, here's a lovely song which doesn't get sung anymore, but which until 1990 was the national anthem of the DDR (East Germany). Believe it or not, the words of the anthem of united Germany could be sung to this tune (with just a minor adaptation at the end). This tune is much better than the current anthem, by the way (though there are no American hymns sung to it as there are to the tune of Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit—the most popular of which is Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken). So with no further ado (but one last adieu), I present Auferstanden aus Ruinen: