Vote with My Feet

When I think of your ways, I turn my feet to your decrees.
Ps. 119:59 

When people are against something, one solution is to vote with their feet—that is, simply leave, or not show up. I think what we have here is the opposite. The meaning of the verb used in the second clause is more like turn back than just turn, so this verse tells me something about the nature of meditating on God's word. If I never open my Bible and never read what's in there, there's nothing that's going to call me back to the path should I stray from it. But the better acquainted I am with scripture, the louder the call to return when I go astray.

This is most important when the stray path I go down is the broader, better traveled path. It's easy to take a wrong turn when everybody else is doing it. And it's hard to hear the call of God over the din of the crowd. But daily meditation on what the scriptures really say certainly helps. And so I can vote with my feet to stay away from a place I don't like. Or I can vote with my feet to return to a path that I shouldn't have left.

Thank you, Lord, that you have planted your word in my heart to energize me when I walk in The Way, and to bring me back to the path when I leave it. In the Name of him who taught me to pray...