Prayer for Christchurch

The following prayer comes from the statement of the United Church of Christ's national setting condemning the white nationalist terrorist attack on Muslims worshiping in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which at least 50 people were murdered in their place of worship.

Holy One, called by many names,
our hearts are once again touched and broken
by events in our communities.
You created us from love and call us to love you
and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
Once again we find ourselves facing the reality
that fear is among us instead of love.

We pray for the families and friends
of those murdered and injured in Christchurch, New Zealand...
We pray for Muslim communities globally
and extend love, peace and comfort
in the midst of yet another tragic moment.
We pray for healing for the injured
and for lives that are torn apart today.
We stand boldly as Christians
believing that the love that comes from you
is greater than the fear that destroys lives and communities.