A Trinity Sunday Prayer

Lord God, Heavenly Father, we praise you, for you have created us,
and you know us better than we do ourselves.
Look kindly, we pray, upon what in us that is right,
and what of us that is good.
What is evil about us—what is destructive—
overcome through your love.

Lord Jesus Christ,
we thank you that you are the way
to the dwelling place of God.
By your grace, may we remain with you
and arrive at God’s house.

O God, Holy Spirit, we glorify you,
for you reveal to us the Word
in whose truth we live out our faith.

Come to us now, O God,
and open our hearts.
Where we are scattered,
gather us beneath your wings.
Where we are closed-minded, set us free.
Where we are sad, comfort us.
Where we are indifferent, encourage us.
Inform and renew our language
that our tongues might be better suited
to proclaim your praise, O living God in three persons,
for it is in your Name—O Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit—
that we pray. Amen.