A French Confession

Father, we confess to you our dismay in the face of so much misery;
and we recognize our complicity in the world's suffering,
because our way of life does nothing to transform the world.
Forgive us for acting selfishly,
and for not loving our neighbor as ourselves.
Forgive us for not loving you with all our hearts, minds, and spirits.
Forgive us for waiting to be served rather than serving.
Forgive us for forgetting that our real happiness is found in you.
Grant us your forgiveness—
may it be our peace, our joy, and our strength.
We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

This prayer of confession is adapted from Culte dominical n° 2 avec célébration de la Cène (variante B), Église Protestante Unie de France.