March 17, 2020

First Flower of Spring

Crisis is in the air. But so is spring. And though we're told to self-isolate, we can still take walks. The signs of God's greatness and God's love are still there to be found... sometimes right in our neighbors' front yards. Though spring doesn't usually begin in the Western Reserve in mid-March, I'm already seeing flowers.

We can also still listen to music, and maybe now's a good time to listen to stuff that's new to us. I googled "first flower of spring" and I found this song, for example:

1 comment:

  1. How refreshing! As healthy members of the Body, this song can really relieve so much of the stress of today's crisis in the world! I might also offer this one that I heard on our local 'The Fish' station while out and about at 5:30 this morning...Smile...