May integrity and uprightness preserve me, for I wait for you.
—Psalm 25:21

In the resurrection of Christ, we see how God not only takes disparate individuals and unites them into one body, but also takes broken people and makes them whole within themselves. This inner wholeness is the integrity spoken of in this morning's psalm. In a way, this is referring to ethical behavior. But at its root, integrity refers to wholeness, or, in this case, not having divided loyalties. The psalmist says this is what is needed for self-preservation.

But wholeness and preservation are God's domain, because the last part of this psalm makes it clear that my integrity and my uprightness are not of my own doing. If I long for preservation (which, in this case, I think is the same as "salvation"), I must wait for God. I lack integrity on my own, and my righteousness will always fall short. Indeed, when I try to be righteous independent of God, the best I can hope for is self-righteousness. But waiting for God means accepting God's free gift of Christ's righteousness which I humbly accept as my own.

Thank you, God, for the free gift of your grace through Jesus, my Lord. Forgive my futile attempts to look good in your eyes, and help me to settle into the arms of my Lord, spread wide for me on the cross. For it is in his Name that I pray as he taught me: Our Father...