What Are You Waiting For?

man scratching head, question mark, puzzled, puzzlement
And now, O Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in you.
Deliver me from all my transgressions. Do not make me the scorn of the fool.
—Psalm 39:7-8

This little passage calls for an experiment. The next time I am anxious; the next time I find myself waiting for a situation to resolve itself; the next time, even, that I wait for the worst to happen: I will instead ask myself, "What are you waiting for?" And then—no matter what my answer is—I will wait for God. Will I find any reassurance in knowing that God is part of all things, and that "all things work together for good" (Rom. 8:28)? Maybe I won't always be able to say, unequivocally, Yes. But knowing what my goal is will better help me reach it.

Give meaning to my waiting, Lord. Tell me the stories of redemption, take away my fear, and fill my time with hope. In Jesus' Name, who taught me to pray: Our Father...

Except for the title, it doesn't really fit, but I like this video's visuals: