July 19 Worship

Today's worship video includes the fourth installment of my Bible Study on Romans. Part of it covers a passage we looked at last week, and then continues on to the end of the eighth chapter. Last week I used Harry Potter as an example. This week, I refer to a documentary film called Searching for Sugar Man, as well as the life and ministry of Corrie ten Boom. After the Bible Study, I've included the song O Day of Peace That Dimly Shines, with scenes from the Edmund Pettis Bridge (in memory of John Lewis). The words are included, but the tune is the more commonly used Jerusalem, not the unfortunate tune the Chalice Hymnal uses for this hymn.

As always, it's best to view the video in full-screen mode. And have some bread and wine (or the equivalent in your household) on hand to participate in communion. I've also asked the congregations to light a candle (or light a small lamp) to help remind us that the Holy Spirit is present, and that that same Spirit unites us all from house to house.

Here's the order of worship:
  • 00:00 Chimes
  • 00:24 Prélude: When Morning Gilds the Skies
  • 02:55 Welcome
  • 03:30 Call to Worship: Psalm 145.1, 3, 17-18
  • 04:00 Opening Prayer
  • 04:36 First Scripture Passage: Romans 8.28-30
  • 05:03 Bible Study, Part 1
  • 11:58 Second Scripture Passage: Romans 8.31-39
  • 13:06 Bible Study, Part 2
  • 15:48 Song: O Day of Peace
  • 18:31 Communion Prayer
  • 19:31 Lord's Prayer
  • 19:59 Fraction/Institution
  • 20:52 Benediction
  • 21:29 Response: Go Now in Peace

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