Embraced by God

Human wrath serves only to praise you, when you bind the last bit of your wrath around you.
☁︎ Ps 76:10
This is a rather odd verse at first glance, and I don't like the modern translation, because it seems to have the binding in reverse—I read the Hebrew as God surrounding the wrath, not the wrath being around God. Maybe I might interpret it this way: Human wrath shall acclaim you; you'll even embrace our fury until none of it's wasted.

To make sense of this verse, a Christian need only think of the crucifixion, the ultimate in human wrath. Nailed to a cross, the recipient of all the wrath humanity could muster was embraced by God. His death was transformed into death's defeat; the grief of the graveside became the joy of new life. Psalm 56 speaks of God putting our tears in a bottle. Thus, every last bit of evidence of human cruelty is saved until the day of transformation when hopelessness is turned to hope and death itself dies.

There is nothing I can do, Lord, that you will not surround and transform by your loving embrace. Sin is forgiven, fallen nature is lifted up, what's stagnant is renewed, weakness is made strong, and death is translated to life. Thank you that you do not leave me as I am, nor do you allow what's done to me to be the last word; through the Crucified One, who taught me to pray: Our Father...