Invitation to the Table

Come to the banquet!

At this table,
    we rejoice together with those who celebrate;
    and we weep together with those who despair.

For it is at this table
    that we find the One who understands our humanity,
    who forgives our wrongdoing,
    and who offers us new life.

So know that you are not alone:
In God you are part of something greater than yourself.
In Christ you are understood—
    your slate is wiped clean;
    your place in God’s family is confirmed.
In the Holy Spirit
    your meager table is no longer yours,
    but becomes part of an eternal feast,
    even as your broken identity
    is made whole in the worldwide body of Christ.

Rest assured
    that no matter who you are,
    or where you are on life’s journey,
    you’re welcome here!

Come to the banquet!

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