Invitation for October 11, 2020

Sometimes we feel small,
and our gifts insufficient for the work ahead.
But in Christ,
we are part of something bigger than ourselves;
in Christ we are possessed of courage not our own.

And so it is with the table set before us.
It appears insignificant, and its fare meager.
Yet when we are seated here,
the Holy Spirit unites us
with disciples in all times and places
at the King’s banquet:
The food and drink we see
is the bread of heaven and the cup of salvation.

So come: Eat and drink.
You are God’s sons and daughters,
and this is the Lord’s table.
None who approach in faith are turned away.
All who seek God
are embraced by the One for whom they search.

No matter who you are,
or where you are on life’s journey,
you’re welcome here.
Forgiveness, communion, and strength for the journey
are yours for the taking.
So come in gratitude
to the table of grace.