A Prayer and a Song

Here's a prayer and a song for Thanksgiving...
Dear Heavenly Father!
You give us each day our bread.
For this, we thank you
and to you we pray:
Give us what we need
to eat our bread in peace. 
For your Son Jesus is the bread of life
come down from heaven, 
who gave himself that we might live.
Feed our souls, we pray,
strengthen us with your word,
and send your Holy Spirit
to fill us with joy and fullness of life.
May the satisfied find hunger,
and may the hungry be given a fair measure.
Thus all can learn what it is to give rather than just receive,
and to receive rather than constantly give.
And so as Jesus once taught, we continue to pray:
Give us this day our daily bread. Amen. 
—adapted from the German Reformed Liturgy

Thank you for the sun that shines
Thank you for the stars above
Thank you for the rain that falls
And thank you for your love

One by one we count our blessings
As we come to share this bread
Let us gather round the table 
Join our hands and bow our heads

May our hearts always be thankful
For each gift that we receive
One by one we count our blessings
With our friends and family

Thank you for the air we breathe
Thank you for the food we eat
Thank you for our families
And thank you for your love