God Incarnate Come

Why should the nations say, “Where is their God?”
Ps. 115:2
Praise to God whose love was shown,
who sent his Son to earth.
Jesus left his rightful throne,
became a man by birth.

The virgin's baby Son—
all creation praised him,
God incarnate come,
come to Bethlehem.

Still a higher call had he:
deliverance from our sins.
Come to set all people free
from Satan's hold within,

for by the sin of man [sic] we fell;
by the Son of God
he crushed the power of hell—
death we fear no more.

Now we stand with strength, with power,
the sons [sic] of God on earth.
Faithful to the final hour,
Christ's righteousness our worth.

And now all praise is given,
for the Babe, the Son,
the Savior King is risen,
Christ is Lord, indeed!

For the babe, the Son,
the Savior King is risen,
Christ is Lord indeed!
—Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith

Immortal, invisible God, made manifest to us in a mortal Child: As we await your coming during this holy season of Advent, help us to seek you neither in the inaccessible heavens, nor in cathedrals or palaces, but among humble and suffering and poor. Thus may we know you as you chose to be known. We pray this in his Name who taught me to pray: Our Father...