Pastoral Prayer/Confession

O God of love, eternal Creator:
You have made us for yourself,
and you know us better than we know ourselves.
All that is right within and around us comes from you.
All the good we do is accomplished through you.
And, though not all is good,
we trust that you can and will overcome evil with love.

O Lord of love, Jesus Christ:
You show us the way into the kingdom of heaven.
Help us to follow you and reach our heart’s desire.
Forgive us when we stray from the path,
and by the strength of your love,
bring us back onto the path.

O Spirit of love, our Advocate before God’s throne:
You open up to us the truth that gives us life.
Come to us and open our hearts to your word.
Gather the scattered, comfort the sorrowful,
encourage the indifferent, set the frightened free.
So fill our language with the knowledge of God
that it can finally express
our inexpressible praise of the Divine.

Our prayers we offer in the Name of the Three-in-One,
God forevermore. Amen.
 adapted from Reformierte Liturgie (1999)