Prayer of the Day

October 22, 2023

O God, you love us like a father and care for us like a mother:
Like a brother, you shared our lives in Jesus Christ, and we are grateful
for the closeness of the relationship you invite each of us to share with you.

We look around us—
at our communities, our nation, and our world—
and we lament that we are so often unable to live together as your children,
as one another’s sisters and brothers and siblings,
bound together in the bonds of love.
As we lift our thoughts and prayers to you: forgive us, we pray.
Transform our thoughts and prayers into words spoken to those in power
and deeds performed on behalf
of the downtrodden, voiceless, and oppressed.

You gave us life and you have graciously blessed us with all we need to live.
Forgive for seeking meaning in that which does not give life,
and for seeking security in that which is not you.
As we look here and there for peace,
may we finally look within;
may we find you already dwelling in our hearts,
ready to fill our lives with a peace that surpasses the world’s understanding.
Quieten us like a toddler in its mother’s arm,
and grant us your Holy Spirit; we pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Inspired by Reformierte Liturgie: Gebete und Ordnungen für die unter dem Wort versammelte Gemeinde