Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

June 23, 2024

Through the abundance of God’s steadfast love, let us enter the house of the Lord.
May God give ear to our words.
This morning, we lift up our voice to the One who hears our prayers.
Lead us, O Lord, in your righteousness; make your way straight before us.
—based on Ps. 5

We gather this morning in gratitude to you, O God, for you alone are holy; you alone are righteous. We acknowledge your abiding presence with us through the days of the week that is past, and we ask you to lead us into the week to come. In this way, we will come to know the joy of trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose Name we pray. Amen.

O God, the Source of all things, from your creative power came the first light; and when you looked upon the world’s first morning, you pronounced it good:
Look upon us this morning, and fill us with your goodness. As the light streams through the stained glass, rouse us for another week, and stir us to praise you for life, for the beauty of creation, for earth and sea, for the sun in the sky and the rain falling from the clouds, the rustle of leaf, and the singing of birds. We praise you for work and for rest, for music and books, for family and friends.
Give us tender hearts to pray for those in whom the pulse of life grows weak, for those who are shut off from the light; for those who are overworked and cannot enjoy leisure; and for those who are underworked and have no joy of labor. We pray for those whose hearts are empty or whose homes are desolate. And we lift up to you those who are oppressed by violence, oppression and war.
Hear us now in the silence as we pray for ourselves, those we love, and the needs of the world…
[A silence is kept.]
Open now the windows of our hearts, that we may feel your presence. Let no one in this sanctuary be untouched by the light of your countenance. And may the Spirit of Jesus, whose life is the light of all people, rule within our hearts this week and for all time to come; we pray in his Name. Amen.

We thank you, O God, for all you are to us: Like a rock, you are our sure defense; as a Father, you make us who we are; like a mother, you love us; and like a shepherd, you guide us. Accept the gifts we bring to you that we may use them to strengthen the church and serve you in the world; in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Refreshed by the Living Water, go forth to offer the good news of God’s love to all those you meet this week: In the Name of the + Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.