Pastoral Prayer for July 15

We thank you, O God, for the signs of hope
you grant us on a daily—even a moment-to-moment—basis.
In the glory of creation we see your abiding presence.
In the love of family, friends, and church
we experience your constant nurture.
And in the victories we witness, we still experience your miracles.
We are especially mindful this morning
of a group of children in a country far away
who were reunited with their families as the world looked on.
Thank you for sending them people
who were willing to give of themselves for their well-being.
Make us mindful as well of children in our own country—
not just of those who look like us or speak our language
or live next-door,
but especially those who are at risk of being undernourished,
who have no access to adequate healthcare,
or who have been separated from their parents
not by accident but by design.
Send us visions of a world united,
where no one is more worthy of family than anyone else,
where none are less worthy of being saved.
Grant us courage in the days to come
that we might speak of your love for all with voices uplifted,
that we might work tirelessly for your justice,
that we might be makers of peace and agents of change.
Forbid that we might say one thing in church and another at work,
or that we might stand for one thing on Sunday
and something else later in the week.
We are few, O God, and we confess that we are often discouraged.
So help us find others with whom we can work
that the commonwealth of heaven will be known on earth,
and that all may be one,
even as you are united with your Son Jesus Christ,
who with you and the Holy Spirit,
lives and reigns as one God in glory everlasting. Amen.