I Am the Light of the World

As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.
John 9:5

Eternal God, who hast been the hope and joy of many generations, and who in all ages hast given men [sic] the power to see thee, and in seeking to find thee: Grant me, I pray thee, a clearer vision of thy truth, a greater faith in thy power, and a more confident assurance of thy love.
  • When the way seems dark before me, give me grace to walk trustingly.
  • When much is obscure to me, let me be all the more faithful to the little that I can clearly see.
  • When the distant scene is clouded, let me rejoice that at least the next step is plain.
  • When what thou art is most hidden from my eyes, let me still hold fast to what thou dost command.
  • When insight falters, let obedience stand firm.
  • What I lack in faith, let me repay in love.
 O infinite God, the brightness of whose face is often shrouded from my mortal gaze: I thank thee that thou didst send thy Son Jesus Christ to be a light in a dark world. O Christ, thou Light of light, I thank thee that in thy most holy life, thou didst pierce the eternal mystery as with a great shaft of heavenly light, so that in seeing thee, we see him whom no man [sic] hath seen at any time.

And if I still cannot find thee, O God, then let me search my heart and let me know whether it is not rather I who am blind than thou who art obscure, and I who am fleeing from thee rather than thou from me. And let me now confess my sins before thee and seek my pardon in Jesus Christ my Lord...
  John Baillie, A Diary of Private Prayer, 27th Day: Evening