We Bless

Yesterday, the first part of Psalm 3 led me to think about how, though people's religious experiences differ, I'm in no position to judge another's relationship with God. And here at the end of Psalm 4 I see more clearly why this is so:

Salvation is of God. Your blessing be on your people.
Ps. 3:8

God is the One who saves. Who am I to tell God whom to save or how to do it? I have no power to save even myself. Why should I expect to instruct God in how to wield a power that is utterly beyond me?

In 1 Corinthians 4:12, Paul wrote that "when we are reviled, we bless"—which appears to be a reflection of what's being said in this psalm. In v. 2, the psalmist has been judged by others as not saved. Here in v. 8, I see that my salvation doesn't lie in what others think of me, but in God alone. Instead of responding to their judgment with judgement of my own, I should instead pray good upon those who were so ready to think ill of me.

I thank you God that you are the Source of my wholeness. I pray that others will know that you love and accept them, so that we may all live together in your Realm and under your peaceful Reign; in Jesus' Name who taught me to pray: Our Father...

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