Pastoral Prayer for Trinity Sunday

Holy are you, God our Maker;
holy are you, Christ our Savior;
holy are you, Spirit and Sanctifier.
Surrounded by the communion of saints,
you live in community—
three yet one, diverse yet united.
Be a model for us of how the church must live;
be a model for us
of how our communities must be healthy,
of how, in ourselves, we must be whole and holy.

God our Father, Mother, Creator, and Protector,
made in your image, we adore you.

Christ our Brother, Friend, Servant, and Savior,
converted by your love, we adore you.

Holy Spirit,
our Inspirer, Comforter, counsel, and Defender,
blessed by your presence, we adore you. God,

whose nature we acknowledge as mysterious,
we praise you for every sign of your care,
for your variety of gifts,
and for every way
in which you help, heal, and uphold us.

from Common Order, Church of Scotland