August 3, 2020

An Invitation to the Table

Welcome, Pilgrim!

Welcome to the Lord's Supper.
Christ has invited you
    from the east and from the west,
    from the north and from the south.
Regardless of where you come from,
    no matter who you are,
    or where you are on life's journey,
    you're welcome here.

If your heart is searching for God,
    this is your home—
    the place of eternal giving,
where we remember
    that on the night before he died,
    our Lord Jesus took a loaf of bread,
    and when he had given thanks,
    he broke it
    and gave it to his disciples, saying,
"Take and eat, for this is my body,
    given for you;
    do this in remembrance of me."
In the same way after supper,
    he took the cup
    and shared it, speaking these words,
"This cup is my blood of the new covenant,
    poured out for you and for many
    for the forgiveness of sins;
    do this, as often as you drink it,
    in remembrance of me."

You need not accept any dogma about these words;
    simply believe that when you eat this bread
    and drink from this cup,
    you are making Christ's sacrificial love
    part of who you are and how you hope to live.

So come home: Eat, drink, and give thanks to God!

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