Who's #1?

O Lord, you are our God; let no mortal prevail against you.
2 Chronicles 14:11
Progressive Christianity shies away from militaristic imagery when we talk about our faith—and rightfully so. The historic tendency to speak of enmity with the world and spiritual warfare has promoted among Christians an acceptance of violence as a means to an end. But we must still be on our guard. There are still struggles going on within and around us, and we ignore them at our peril. For instance, though we know Who deserves first place in our lives, there are many things and people who are vying to replace God in our affections and attention.

Rather than affirming a leader who's been transformed by her or his faith, we've actually seen some Christians allow their faith to be transformed by a political figure. Far too often we have seen Christians follow a human being, and not the One that person should be representing. And so we do have to be wary that, in our own hearts and minds, we allow no mortal to prevail over our Creator for sovereignty over our lives.

As strong and independent as we like to think of ourselves, we are weak creatures. Acknowledging this is the first step toward allowing Christ's strength to shine forth through our weakness. It is his power—not our own—that allows us to put God in the #1 position.

So, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.
 2 Corinthians 12:9
Prayer after thinking about today's devotion:
I place you first in my life, first in my affections, first among all other priorities. May the strength of your Son be recognized in my weakness, even as the foolishness of his cross outshines the wisdom of the present age.
After your own thanksgivings & petitions, close with the Lord's Prayer.

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