Much Given, Much Required

The heavens are the Lord’s heavens, but the earth he has given to human beings.
Psalm 115:16
The earth is our heritage. It is God's gift to all earthly creatures—but particularly to human beings who, due to skill and intelligence, have been made stewards of the planet on which we live. And so to all of us, from the least to the greatest, much has been given. Therefore much is required of us. 
It is true that there are mighty people of whom more is required. Politicians, industrialists, and great investors are all in position to change the course of history, which, if it proceeds along its current path, will bring disaster upon our planet. But even I can choose to use less electricity and less gasoline. Even I can choose not to waste food or buy products with excess packaging. And even I can choose to vote for political candidates who are not only willing to recognize the rôle humans play in climate change, but who are committed to doing something about it. 

God has entrusted the earth to us, and of us much is being demanded.

From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.
 Luke 12:48
Prayer after thinking about today's devotion:
Most provident God, you graciously give us all good gifts. Teach us to care for our earth: To till our soil responsibly, to keep our air pure, to free our waters from pollution, to harvest the warmth of our sun, and to respect the rights of all species. May we willingly share the gifts of your goodness with one another. We ask this of you, God of our universe.
 Chalice Worship
After your own thanksgivings & petitions, close with the Lord's Prayer.

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