Our Actions for Good

The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. 

Proverbs 8:13
The fear of God is closely related to human unwillingness to mar that which is perfect. Though we must go forward, we nonetheless fear being the first set of footprints through a field of freshly fallen snow. We hope on our beach vacation that when we walk along the wet sand that a wave will quickly remove evidence of our recent presence. We even hesitate before plunging a knife into a just-opened jar of peanut butter.
And so it is with the people of God. We recoil from polluting that which is pure or taking away from that which is complete. As new creatures in Christ, our mission is to participate in the restoration of the world, to offer healing where there is pain, and to bring wholeness into a world that is wanting. Our actions for good in the world do not make us whole, but are themselves signs that God is at work within and among us.

For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works.
 Ephesians 2:10
Prayer after thinking about today's devotion:
Give me, my God, a heart that recoils from injustice and a spirit that longs for peace.
After your own thanksgivings & petitions, close with the Lord's Prayer.
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