Pastoral Prayer for July 31

Loving God, we praise you that, in your kindness,
you have called us together this morning.
We thank you, that your grace helps us in every need;
your word comforts us in all fear.
We bless you that, even in our deepest despair,
you give us courage to face what lies ahead.
Almighty God,
more powerful than rulers on earth and angels in heaven,
we pray to you:
Help us to trust in you alone.
Give us the enlightenment to be peacemakers in a conflicted world,
and the boldness to speak in your Name
to those who do not acknowledge you.
Merciful God, you weakness, death, and suffering.
We lift up to you those who are lonely,
those who are sick or in pain or dying.
We pray for the unemployed and the hungry, for prisoners,
for victims of war in Ukraine and Syria,
for victims of flood in Kentucky.
We pray for this earth and for all creatures.
Hear us now in the silence of our hearts
as we lift up to you our individual thanksgivings and concerns…

[A silence is kept.]

Eternal God, you were before all time,
and you will remain when our names are forgotten.
We praise you and thank you.
We worship you:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and in your holy Name we pray. Amen.

Based on a prayer in Reformierte Liturgie: Gebete und Ordnungen für die unter dem Wort versammelte Gemeinde (Wuppertal, 1999)