Like a Parched Land

I stretch out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.
Ps. 143:5-6 

I know I quote Calvin too much, but I just can't get over how brilliant he is sometimes. For example, when he comments on Psalm 143:6, he says that the psalmist "dismisses all other hopes from his mind, and makes a chariot to himself of the extreme necessity of his case, in which he ascends upwards to God."

What an incredible way to look at troubles: they are the vehicle God has sent me to transport me to the place I need to be. And like cracked and dry earth yearns for rainfall, so my troubled soul longs to be with God.

Why should I thank you for difficulties, Lord? And yet I do. Sometimes it seems that I wouldn't bother to pray if I had none. But because I come to you with my needs, I feel you near, which is reward unto itself. So thank you that prayer is itself an answer to prayer. And this I pray in the Name of him who taught me to say...