Third Sunday after Epiphany

Year A (January 22, 2023)


Glory to you, O God, 
Creator of all that is.
Praise to you, 
O Word of God
made flesh to dwell among us.
Thanks be to you, 
O breath of God
who both comforts us and drives us forward.

We, your people, gather before you this morning.
We are each of us unique.
We come from different places
and have our own thoughts.
And yet we are all made in your image.
As you are Three, yet eternally One,
we ask that you unite us as one—
both in our worship and in our service.

Use our individual gifts
to bring your message to our fellowship
and your presence in the world.
Inspire us to share your message of hope to the hopeless,
of comfort to the bereaved, of freedom to the oppressed,
and of peace to victims of distress or violence.
Give us courage to speak truth to power,
or to do your work in a hostile world.
And give us strength to carry on, even when we are tired.

Help us to remember, Lord, that we are members of a single body—
none greater than the other.
And as we are one in your sight,
unite us now in prayer as we approach you in silence,
remembering one another, the concerns that have been named,
and the needs that remain unspoken…

[A silence is kept.]

All that has been said aloud or silently we ask in the Name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who with you and the Holy Spirit…


Whether in this sanctuary or scattered abroad,
we are members of the same body.
So having been brought together in Christ,
go forth as one
to serve God and your neighbor.
Be united in mind and purpose,
that the world may know
the love of God,
the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the gentle power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.