Father's Day Prayer

Prayer of Blessing of Men
June 18, 2023

God, our everlasting Father, God of Adam, made in your image, God of Abraham and Isaac, David and Solomon,
God of Elijah and Isaiah and Jeremiah, God of Joseph, the guardian of our Lord Jesus,
God of Peter and Paul, God of Martin Luther and John Calvin, John Wesley and Martin Luther King, Jr.—
We ask your blessing upon all the men of this congregation. Help them to be good sons and brothers, good friends and spouses, good fathers and grandfathers, good men of faith.
In the midst of struggles, give them patience and strength.
In the midst of persecution, keep them steadfast in your Word.
For freedom Christ has set them free, so help them stand firm and not to submit to the yoke of bondage.
Through word and sacrament in the community of faith, may they be renewed in body, mind, and spirit; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
—adapted from This Far by Faith (ELCA)